Wednesday, 20 February 2013

When the sun disappears ...

Dye your own sunshine!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Ticking things off the list

It's lovely when you can tick things of a list, even if the list is non-existent on paper.

Continuing the woolly theme, I have cast off my shawl using the Blue/green yarn with silk and sparkles. Remember this?

Well now it is a super cosy shawlette/scarf, if that's the name. It has a shawl shape but is narrow and ill be worn wrapped around the neck more like a scarf. I'm not really a shawl wearer, you know the ones that sit over your shoulders and lay down your back. So wanting something more practical I came up with my own recipe for this one - increasing more regularly to get a long shawl but keeping the width narrow.

As I had named this yarn Ocean Sparkle, I decided to knit the Old Shale stitch pattern after a garter stitch section, signifying waves.

I took this to the Guild meeting yesterday and knitted it during out talks, and when I thought there was just the right amount to cast off I started the cast off row, only to find I was running out of yarn! Doh! Unpicked and cast off when I got home.

I'm very happy with this, love the colours, and it's lovely and warm to wear. I haven't blocked it, but may just press it but was so keen to wear it yesterday.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Time to knit

With all that spinning going on, it was time to cast on a few projects too. I like to have more than one thing to knit so I can flit between them when one thing is getting tiresome.

I have a long term aim of knitting cushion covers for numerous cushion pads we have with covers that have seen better days. So earlier in the year I cast on the first cushion cover, only I completely got the gauge wrong and had commenced knitting a cover way too big.

However I do have a large cushion that needs a cover so having checked it it was the correct size. So I have continued knitting it. But because it is bigger than I expected to be knitting, it's taking a while. Although I cast on using the Judys magic cast on and am knitting it in the round so no seams and once it's cast off all it needs is a zip sewing in. Here's the cushion so far - using oddments of  chunky/bulky yarn. Other cushion covers to follow to use up oddments of DK yarn around the house too. Great stash busting, completely random.

Cushion cover No. 1

With the handspun yarn stash increasing I have been looking at patterns and projects. I have cast on the blue sparkly yarn recently spun as a shawlette/scarf. It's going to be long and narrow and I'm kind of making it up as I go along - simple increasing maths for now switching between the Shetland 2ply and the Sparkly 2ply yarns. Once it's a certain size I shall pick a stitch pattern to complement the yarn.

Blue sparkle shawlette

I have also cast on some more blue yarn (yes, I love blues) - spun last year with some pre-dyed wool and some I dyed with Imogen using Koolaid. I had intended to knit something for me with this but the yardage just didn't give me enough scope so rather than trying to spin more to add to it I'm knitting Imogen a tunic style top. Using elements from a couple of patterns to get the exact item I have envisaged. I've added some contrast with some Cotswold handspun which is lovely and has a lovely sheen.

Blue tunic for Imogen

The Monet yarn is going to be wound into balls soon too so I can cast on for a bag that I then intend to felt. And finally I think I want to cast on some socks. Maybe just plain, maybe with a pattern, maybe for a gift; I just haven't decided on that one yet.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Phew ... busy spinning

Monet inspired fibre for spinning

I have had a busy spinning month, which I have blogged about more over on the Spinspiration blog for the Woolly Wednesday gathering today - come and join us with your woolly crafting of late - you don't have to be spinner, any woolcrafts to share are welcome, we'd love to see you.

I had already shared the blue sparkle and some Hebridean black here, but there are new ones over there including Rainbows and my Monet Inspiration yarn - here's a peek ...

Rainbow yarn n-plied bulky handspun
Monet Inspiration handspun

See more of these and others over on Spinspiration.

The Rainbow yarn was claimed by Imogen for a Cowl and a hat. This hat in the photo was a little small so I frogged it and re-knitted it a little bigger so it fits better now.

 Modelling the hat and cowl (she wasn't too well that day!)

Lots more spinning and knitting plans, stash busting of odd balls of all sorts of yarns. Busy woolly days, what about you?