Wednesday, 5 December 2012

*no title* ...

Autumn inspiring colours

Well hello blog, so nice to see you again. No reason for not blogging, no excuses and no promises to try harder; just life. I am sorry not to have been keeping up with commenting on others blogs, I have peeked at some and it's lovely to read what everyone is up to, I shall endeavour to leave more comments but it's a busy time of year (when isn't it!).

You will also find me over on Spinspiration today sharing recent spinning and knitting projects, come and pop over and share a recent blog post of your woolly projects, doesn't have to be spinning - all fibre addictions hobbies welcome.

Do you like my title? No? I guess it is a little boring but hey. It's also a nod to the spam comment I received on my last blog post in October "where has she gone?". Thanks for your comment, however I shall be ignoring it.

Since my last post (when was that again?) we've had fun at home and out and about, maybe some pictures can tell the story ...

 Halloween spent at the Tudor House

 Winchester torch parade
 some natural dyeing with my girl

meeting inspiring authors ~ Jacqueline Wilson 

 Art exhibition and shadow play
 lights and bubbles

 late night out (rare!)
 late night reading
fast asleep on her book
 lunch with friends at guild meeting
 Impromptu crafting
raiding Mama's buttons

Busy times flown by, busy times ahead. Lots of spinning and knitting has been happening, and is still happening, crafting for Christmas. Lots of fun helping out at school for Christmas performances, the fayre and other planned events. 

So what's everyone else up to? Care to share? (mmm ... should check your blogs shouldn't I!)

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