Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Happy days ... colourful days ...

Little time to blog ...

Lots of this instead ...
Spinning alongside fellow spinners in Ravelry in the Tour de Fleece, which if you don't know runs alongside the Tour de France cycling. They pedal, I treadle!

 Polwarth singles spinning
 Polwarth plied 

And spinning the Olympic ring colours for an Olympic project ...

spinning the blue
spinning the yellow
spinning the black
spinning the Green
 spinning the red
All colours spun

Now time to ply the colours, and some more spinning for the TDF too. Happy days.

Also looking forward to plans and non-plans for the coming school holidays. More happy days.

Friday, 6 July 2012

I almost forgot ... 7 years in the planning

Remember this post about an exciting delivery?

Well I forgot delayed sharing with you what that delivery was until today.

Aptly though today is a key date to what that exciting delivery is.

7 years ago today, I was almost 7 months pregnant with Imogen. Wow she will be 7 soon! There was a big news story 7 years ago today also - the announcement that London had secured the 2012 Olympics. We said there and then that we would go and see something at the Olympics, taking our soon to be born child, how is that for forward planning?

The opportunity to be part of something in your home country that doesn't happen many times in your lifetime, maybe twice if you're lucky, was just something we knew we would want to do. The opportunity to take a soon to be 7 year old along to a world event is exciting, for her and for us.

So yes, if you hadn't already guessed, the exciting delivery was tickets to the London 2012 Olympics

Excitement is mounting in the house, it's not that far away now. Imogen has an Olympic themed week at school next week, and I'm going to spin some Olympic colours this week to knit something in time for our days out. We are also looking forward to seeing the Olympic torch locally soon too.

Sadly there was another event in the news 7 years ago tomorrow, our thoughts are with the families affected by that event. We were due to see REM at Hyde park on the 9th July 2005 but it was postponed for a week following the London bombings. An eventful week, ups and downs. REM were brilliant on the re-arranged date.

A promise fulfilled as we look forward to being part of London 2012.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

So what's been going on ... music, museum, mesmerising jellyfish

Mesmerising ... more on these later

Summertime is often quieter on blogs, mine included but lots of lovely things going on so I thought I would have a round up post. Not that it feels like Summer out there, ah well best just get on with it anyway. I'm resigned to not thinking what odd weather it has been anymore, after saying this for the past few years it is time to accept that the British weather and Seasons and changing. A reality check for those who repudiate climate change!
Getting the groove with the Djemba drums

Anyway, lately we have had some fun times out. Alex is playing many events with the Ukelele jam so a few days out here and there for that. One event was a local music day where there were lots of instruments around and children were encouraged to have a go. Imogen took to that very well, mostly with rhythm instruments ... yes drums, of all kinds ...
Playing the steel drums

The guy with the steel drums was very impressed she learnt the three notes so quickly and proceeded to play them all perfectly in the songs. She loved it. It sounded great.


She loved the drum kit too! I love drum kits too! If only we had some space, one day maybe.

Loving the drums, I had a little go too! Well you have to don't you?

We had a lot of fun with the Djemba drums too.

She also had a little go on a harp, an instrument I would dearly love to own one day. So soothing and as Alex said - never sounds awful even if not played well, not like some instruments!

A beautiful Harp

Oh and then there was the Ukelele workshop where Imogen took part with her red Ukelele.

Playing her Uke

Another fun day recently was meeting up with some of Alex's family from around the world, a visiting cousin from Australia, and a New Zealand cousin too - although he does live in London. Haven't seen them for many years, Imogen had never met them. Alex's sister joined in the fun too travelling down from Liverpool.

So we booked a day off school for Imogen, her headteacher wished her a lovely day out when we told her we were off to London to meet family and visit a museum. She was looking forward to hearing all about it on our return.
Horniman Museum

We went to the wonderful Horniman Museum in Forest Hill, South London. What a great place, lovely buildings and acres of outdoor space and gardens to explore. It was gloriously sunny on arrival so we first headed outdoors and visited the sunken Dyers garden which was lovely to see all the plants used in dyeing, grouped by colours. Many photos were taken!

 Dyers Garden

We played the outdoor musical instruments and walked and talked, enjoying the view across the city.

After lunch which was taken in the lovely Conservatory, which can be hired for weddings - was not unlike the one we got married in 10 years ago this year, we went in to see the exhibitions. 

 Enjoying the Instruments exhibition

First stop was the Music gallery - we had heard about the musical instruments collection here and wow it was impressive. All behind glass to protect them from any damage, there were instruments from all over the world and from all ages. It was so interesting to see similarities in early instruments from opposite sides of the world. This is so worth a visit for anyone interested in music. A timely visit after our music day.

I just love this Hurdy Gurdy, would love the opportunity to play one.

The other exhibits were great too - the natural history hall, wonderful masks, fantastic Buddhas and lovely carvings. Another was the Body adorned, with exhibits of textiles and clothing from across the world and through time. There were some amazing things to see, this raincoat fascinated me  - made from coconut fibres in South China. I just loved the style and simplicity of it. 

China Raincoat

The Parka next to it was ... well, interesting - made from Seal gut from Alaska in the late 19th Century. It just shows how different things are used around the world, not sure I'd want to be near someone wearing one especially if it was raining.

Seal Gut Parka from Alaska, next to the China raincoat

Our last stop at the museum was a visit to the Aquarium, a small one but with delightful sights. I could have stood and watched the Blue Moon jellyfish for hours. I took a little video so will watch this often, so soothing.

 Enjoying the Aquarium
 Up close and it croaked right at her, cue much laughter!
Beautiful, graceful Blue Moon Jellyfish

Phew, I think that's enough for one post.

Lots more musical events in the future, beach festivals, Mela's and more. Woolly events coming up too. Olympic themed week and sports day at school, transition to year 2 for Imogen. Lots of spinning. Life is good, and the sunshine has returned, if only for a brief time!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Spinning around

I have written a blog post today over on Spinspiration, come and see and join us if you can.

Lots of spinning going on lately, taking part in the Tour de Fleece on Ravelry this year for the UK Spinners group.

Currently spinning Polwarth on my Wee Peggy


Manx Loughtan on my Louet

and a blend of wool/silk/acrylic on a spindle on the train today!

See more over on Woolly Wednesday post.

Back soon with some piccies of other adventures in life, busy times, fun times.