Friday, 17 May 2013

Festival camping time

Pulse music festival - good music, food and friends

Phew, what a great weekend!

First time taking Imogen to a weekend camping music festival. Not far away on the most wonderful site of an organic farm we have been customers of. The weather forecast as the weekend approached was mixed but glad we ignored it as we had a lovely time, mostly dry but for some drizzly rain Friday night but who cares when the music is good, the beer too and the food was wonderful, plus the marquees gave us some shelter! The heavier rain waited until the music was all finished and we were back in out tent for the night - boy it rained then but we were cosy and sleeping.

The venue Sunnyfields Organic Farm, the festival "The Pulse" a festival raising money for the Childrens Heart Unit at Southampton hospital.

Imperial Leisure - great nights entertainment, such energy

Highlight of Friday night was seeing Imperial Leisure, oh what fun! Dancing in the drizzly rain and watching Imogen impulsively break into some skanking was such fun.

late night dancing

Awoke to bright sunshine that dried and warmed the tent lovely, the ground was dry and the day was set to be good (a couple of brief showers).

 Campsite writing and Poi spinning

Did I mention the food was good? Sunnyfields know a bit about good food. They grow it, they sell it, they cook it and they served it up in abundance for the weekend. My favourite was the Hog roast rolls - a rather substantial meal. Chips were bought and consumed aplenty to accompany the beer.
 jumping on friends, getting piggybacks
Face painting by a fantastic face painter we know!

Spending time with friends, meeting new friends was good - a yarnie friend only previously known online was great too - putting a face and voice to a name. Seeing another friend, Grant Sharkey, on stage in his onesie had to be seen to be believed! Worn ironically of course, highlighting the trade of items made in poor countries. His first of 40 albums being released over the next 20 years is out now, priced £6.19 - the national minimum wage!

 Grant Sharkey with his Double Bass
Late night kindle reading by torchlight as the bands played on
The venues bar serving great beer and Pimms!

Great time was had by all, looking forward to the next one in about a month - just an overnight stay in the tent for that one, then a longer break of 3 nights at another festival in July. It's been a while since we camped at music festivals - before Imogen was born we regularly went to Reading festival, and a few Glastonbury's and others.

Fun times x


  1. Nothing like the first festival of the season... Looks like you had an amazing time!

  2. Sleeping in a tent during a rainstorm is such a wonderful thing! Been ages since I've done it but I have fond memories of camping in Maine with the smallies.

  3. That looks fun. Imogen looks like she was born to it! Love the late night dancing shot.


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