Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Days ...

Happy days are ...

Spinning days

Blue Corriedale all spun up and plied
 Some Cotswold fleece spun and plied
Basket of recent spinning - the Purple/grey 3 ply blend, 
the Jacobs n-ply and the blue Corriedale

Harvesting days
Broad Beans from the allotment
and lots of Sorrel but no photo

Funny face days
 checking out the new camera
face mask making for school project

Gift making days
coaster knitting and weaving (and crochet edging) all handspun

Organising baskets of joy, planning projects to make

basket of handspun yarns (just one of the full baskets!)


  1. All those lovely yarns! I've been trying to learn to spin smoothly and consistently from batts. It's harder than I thought it would be! (granted, I am currently using a funky art batt - not great for totally smooth yarn but so much fun!)

    1. Thank you x

      Yeah an art batt doesn't really scream out for smooth spinning but I bet it's lovely yarn.

  2. Now you're just teasing us with that last photo ;)

    1. Sorry!
      The baskets just make me smile :)

  3. Happy days indeed! Gorgeous handspun....


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