Wednesday, 3 July 2013

July Spinning in the Tour de Fleece ...

Woolly Wednesday is perfectly placed this month just a few days into the Tour de Fleece, and will be great to compare with Augusts when it's all over to see what was achieved. This is how my bobbins looked at the start of the TDF.

Basketful of bobbins

 I took part in my first TDF last year after watching from the sidelines the previous couple of years on Ravelry. It was a lot of fun, at least spinning every day, setting myself some loose targets and being inspired by what everyone else was spinning. So I have joined in again this year and again my aim is to spin every day, however much that is - some days will be more than others. My targets are pretty loose again too as I am prone to changing my mind what I want to spin!

 BFL naturally dyed with Weld

My first spinning was the above BFL space dyed with Weld a while ago so I thought lets get it spun, I'm looking at all the odd bits of this and that to spin up for the TDF. As at the end of Day 4 (yesterday) this was all spun and plied and I love the resulting yarn, golden and soft.

 2 bobbins ready to ply
 2 plied bobbins
2 Golden Skeins

My next yarn is some un-dyed fibre being spun ready for a dyeing workshop day next weekend, something I am really looking forward to. Then it will be time to dive into the stash again to see what to spin next, maybe some bits of part fleeces if I get them washed and dried, and maybe some dyed if I can find a little time to dye it too. 

Other spinning prior to the TDF starting was the blue Corriedale in my last blog post all plied, now in skeins. All the Purple Haze yarn is spun and plied and in skeins too and I love how the grey has blended with the other colours in this yarn.

 Blue Corriedale Big skein from the Louet bobbin, 
smaller skein from the Wee Peggy bobbin
 close up of the Corriedale
Purple Haze Spinning close up

Happily I also discovered 3 more batts of the separated colours of Jacobs fleece so have spun and navajo plied those too to add to the yardage of this yarn - fantastic as now I can look at a larger project for this.

 5 lovely skeins of Jacobs

 Enjoying the TDF, will enjoy the rest of the tour, being inspired, spinning and sharing the fun. I look forward to sharing my TDF spinning total next month.


  1. You've made a fabuous start! Just cheering from the sidelines.

  2. I love love love your weld-dyed yarn, beautiful. Do you have a project in mind?

    I'm really enjoying all the blogging about TdF at the moment, the event is giving such a boost to our craft. I've not joined a team or set anything up but I am aiming to spin every day and have started a project especially.

    1. Oh thank you Sheila, I'm thinking of making a shawl/shawlette with it as a gift - don't know who for though yet x

      So inspiring seeing all the spinning going on all over the world, I love the TDF for that.

  3. Love the weld dyed yarn and all the TdF spinning - it is great to see so many spinners having fun!


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