Thursday, 5 September 2013

Summer days, not many spinning!

Summer days meant long days, lovely sunshine and not a lot of spinning! A little knitting and latterly crochet has been happening here, but spinning has taken a back seat - it has been too warm to draft the wool in my hands. But now Autumn is approaching slowly, my mind is returning to unfinished spinning projects and planning future ones.

Something I have finished is my Camden Cap - using handspun yarn that I spun early in the year, I started the hat in the late Spring but then left it until about a week ago when I picked it up again and knit to completion.

 I love this hat, love how it fits and feels and can see it is going to get a lot of use over the Autumn/Winter months. I did have some issues with the sizing of the pattern - after measuring and even swatching (rare for me!) I started knitting the hat and was pleased with the peak. But when it came to knitting the main part of the hat it was clearly going to be way too big. I pondered carrying on and felting it but that would have altered the peak, so I frogged back to the peak, left that as it was, and knit a smaller size. Result of this is that I shal return to the ignorant bliss of not swatching which has always worked out fine in the past!

The plied yarns from last month have been wound into balls to knit with and I have cast on a quick gift for a friend, a phone cover in the silvery rainbow yarn on the right.

I have started spinning some woodland green falkland fibre, more on that next month, and hopefully more spinning now Autumn is here and life is slightly less busy. I shall also be taking part next month in a guild Sheep to Jumper challenge at a show! Watch this space.


  1. I am not a fan of swatching either for that vary reason. Wool lies.
    Love the hat!

  2. The cap is lovely and looks great on you. I've made the same pattern and I particularly liked the peak too.

  3. Very beautiful hat! And I also don't like swatching:)

  4. Great hat Dawn. I love it when you find the perfect pattern for yourself; hope you have many warm headed winter adventures in it :) x


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