Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Lots of knitting, not so much spinning ... yet!

I haven't done much spinning in 2014 so far, my days have been filled with other aspects of life and a lot of decorating of my daughters new bedroom. Hmmm that's something I could blog about soon, but it's not for a woolly Wednesday post!

I am spinning a dye fibre braid I have had a while, blues and greens and other colours thrown in. I like the spun singles, but there is just something about it plied that doesn't quite grab me. It's still on the bobbin so I'm hoping when I wind it off onto the niddy noddy I will see it in a better light.

I have been knitting. The biggest accomplishment was knitting with the green yarn I shared a picture of last month. This was spun with a project in mind - lots of shades of green for a Sheep Heid hat for my husband for his birthday, that was just after Christmas. But he knew it was going to be a little late. I cast it on and really got into the swing of knitting it and it was finished about 5 days later. I love it. He loves it. Many people have commented how lovely it is. I like it more than my own Sheep Heid knitted last year in natural shades, typical eh!

Me modelling the hat
and the recipient wearing his new hat

I also knitted a pair of socks from some handspun yarn. The yarn is Jacobs that was a gift in batts with the different colours separated. I had navajo plied it to keep the colours separate and stored it awaiting inspiration. I wanted some warm socks and knowing this was a 3 ply yarn I thought it was perfect.

 Lovely cosy handspun socks

I have also knitted myself another hat. A quick knit, this Hurricane Hat is knitted in Masham handspun and is lovely and cosy. Started on a bus ride, knitted at a knitting night, finished next morning.

 Knitting on the bus
 Knitting night 
wearing my new hat with my rainbow scarf

I'm currently putting together some crochet bunting for my daughters room, and have cast on a new hat for her too, a bit of a surprise one too!

 Knitted bunting and new hat (both acrylic yarns, cotton i-cord)

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