Tuesday, 28 September 2010

5 years old

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun.
Enjoy the trip. ~Author Unknown

Yes, Imogen is now 5 years old and loving being 5. For a few weeks she's been talking about being taller when she's 5, showing us part way down her forehead how tall she was when she was 4! So it was inevitable that one of the first things she did on the morning of her 5th birthday was to stand by the wall where we have measured her height since young and would you believe it ... she had grown from the week before when she last wanted to be measured.

Imogen loved her bunting, her crown and badge made by Mama. I do enjoy making these things, so much more personal than shop bought ones. She opened her cards and a couple of presents before school and wanted to leave the rest until her return.

Her day at school was made lovely. She got to blow out a pretend candle on the teachers birthday "cake" box and open the box to find a little present; she looked after the birthday bear for the day, and the end of day assembly was made special for her as they all sang happy birthday to her. One of the teachers had said to me in the morning that he would look forward to having a "birthday assembly" later (he's a big kid, lovely with it). So she felt very special, and that day the local papers came to take photographs of the classes too.

home from school
opening our gifts

Returning home to freshly baked muffins, the cake of choice for her birthday, and pizza dough rising for the requested birthday tea, Imogen set about opening her remaining presents. There was a bit of a theme with her presents this year ... mostly Toy Story figures which she absolutely loves. Other presents were a DVD, a game, some books and a Weather Tree poster to complete for the year.
The Weather Tree for the next 365 days

Fun and games
birthday muffin cake

A lovely day for a beautiful daughter, and a trip to the farm at the weekend for some more fun. What a wonderful time it has been spending these 5 years with you in our lives, and we shall enjoy the journey to 6 and beyond as much if not more. Happy Birthday Imogen.


  1. What a lovely day. The school sounds very good at making it special for birthday children. I agree with you about the handmade presents being so much more personal. I love that my girls drop hints about what they would like me to make.

    I'm intrigued by the weather tree. I've not seen one before. What is it and where did you find it? I have a sixth birthday coming up, which my daughter reminds me about daily!

  2. Cheryl - the weather tree is a poster and you colour a leaf in for each day to show what the weather was - a different colour is picked for different weather conditions. You can make your own but I saw this at a fayre and thought it would be lovely for Imogen's birthday. This one is from - www.phoenix-trading.co.uk - under the posters section. They do some lovely other gifts too, just have to check if there's a seller near you. There are others available on the internet that I've seen before too. Hope that helps xx

  3. Happy Birthday Imogen - looks like you had a fab day. Meg can't wait for a school birthday either, although apparently grown up is aged 6 (whihc is when - according to her! She can have a hamster!) XXX

  4. It looks and sounds like Imogen had a lovely day. How nice for the school to make it special for her.

  5. Happy birthday to your sweet girl! A special day. Love, love the weather tree. Where did you get it?

  6. oh, I see where you get them from in your comment!

  7. Gorgeous bunting! Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!

  8. Belated Love to all, what a special day.
    Can you pm me your address darling, a special treat for a new 5 yo needs to head your way.

  9. Belated Happy Birthday Imogen. A wonderful day, full of all the best things.



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