Friday, 3 September 2010

A bit of culture for a Friday afternoon

We have been having a relaxing day today as we have a big day out planned tomorrow at the national gardening show I mentioned in my last post.

A quick trip to the library to pick up a book I had reserved on dyeing with plants and lichens. An interesting read for the weekend perhaps. Anyway, they have an offer on at the moment on their DVD loans so I asked Imogen if she'd like to take one home to watch later.

She chose Peter and the Wolf - the classic story by Sergei Prokofiev. This is a beautifully made stop-frame model animation (like Wallace & Gromit films) and set to the wonderful music played by the Philharmonic Orchestra. This adaptation won several Academy Awards and well deserved too as it was lovely to watch. No dialogue, just music and sound effects but it was made so well that you could follow the story. You could recognise approaching animals by the different orchestral instruments, and sense the feelings of Peter at being sad when his best friend the duck was eaten alive, and then later not wishing the Wolf to be sold to the circus. A lovely ending as he release the wolf, walking through the stunned crowd and the wolf runs away into the forest.

(Oh, and the duck in the story? "if one would listen very carefully, he would hear the duck quacking inside the wolf; because the wolf in his hurry had swallowed her alive.").

So a lovely choice of a DVD, Imogen was a little surprised at first that no-one talked but enjoyed it. We're ending the afternoon with a muffin baking session too ... yum!


  1. I remember listening to a record when I was growing up, the young persons guide to the orchestra. Featured Peter and the Wolf with all the characters portrayed by different instruments. You've brought back memories!

  2. Hope you're enjoying your day out today. I remember listening to the music of Peter and the Wolf at primary school.


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