Tuesday, 12 October 2010

It's Autumn on our Season corner ...

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower
~Albert Camus

I'm not one for changing the season corner a soon as the season changes, but I do get around to it eventually. It really is Autumn now, although the glorious sunshine and temperatures in the 20's again recently make one wonder. But it is here, the evenings are getting darker, the mornings are bright, crisp and "smell fresh" as Imogen likes to put it.

We've squirrelled acorns, acorn hats, conkers (horse chestnuts), sweet chestnuts and other autumn delights. The leaves are falling (although slowly) and turning all the beautiful shades of Autumn.

So here are a few of our nature finds, along with a small pumpkin grown by us (we have larger ones to eat and store), a knitted pumpkin I made a few evenings ago. I have also added some needle felted acorns with real acorn hats and a needle felted pumpkin made recently.

Real pumpkin, knitted pumpkin, felted pumpkin;
knitted and felted acorns

Mother Earth is there with the root children returning to their beds for the months ahead, before Spring returns. Another of my needle felting creations embraces the corner with her rainbow as we see many rainbows in the autumn months.

Mother Earth and the root children
Autumn Rainbow lady


I will now be working on some Winter needle felted treasures for the Season Corner and for swap gifts too ... many ideas, just need to start creating.


  1. all so lovely, gorgeous time of year x

  2. We picked up lots of acorns and conkers on our walk at the weekend. One thing I don't like about autumn is the darker evenings, and they're set to get darker when the clocks go back.

  3. Your needle felting is beautiful.


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