Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Seasonal felting and other delights

Autumn lady collecting the harvest

An autumn lady has arrived on the Season corner with her basket of chestnuts, and is proudly watching over the pumpkin harvest.

Autumn lady

What a lovely way to spend some spare time on these darkening evenings. I have now made two more basic figures ready for Winter projects - a little swap for a lovely lady and a commission for another lovely lady, more to do. I think I'm in the mood for lots more felting for a while.

Other pumpkin delights -
Imogen's carvings

At the weekend we had our allotment pumpkin day which was lovely and successful. Imogen carved the pumpkin above - a face and a bat she drew on the pumpkin and then carved with little help. A beautiful sunny day, typical that the only rain shower we had was at the event and a good downpour at that, leaving us with this lovely rainbow as we packed up to go home early evening.
Rainbow at the allotment

Other Autumn delights greeting us lately are the numerous spider webs, like these on our Bay plant and the car. There was a thread between two cars that were a good 6-8 feet apart too - just a pity it was not easy to photograph, couldn't believe a spider had managed that one.

Autumn Spiders at work


  1. I love the spider webs too, I just find it so hard to get a photo that does them justice! One of our activities on the way to school is to spot the spider webs!

    Gorgeous felted ladies, as ever.

  2. beautiful felting. i wish i knew how to!

  3. I love your felted lady, she has such wonderful hair. I wish I could carve a pumpkin as well as Imogen, they look super.


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