Sunday, 17 July 2011

Busy times ... slow it down

Everything seems to be going so fast just lately, the season is moving on, the school year is almost over; can it just all slow down a little please.

I have spent a little extra time at school helping out with things - sports day, kite making day, helping out with end of term gifts for the teachers.
 Imogen's first school sports day
 new take on egg and spoon race
 ... and balancing frogs
(I took little videos of the other events - running, jumping, ball bouncing, etc)

Next week I'm going to a road safety event with Imogen, and a thank you assembly for helping out this year with different things - visiting the class with the spinning, weaving/braiding, school trips and of course planting up the raised beds. Year R beds are the fullest and looking lovely - just hoping that the lovely Sunflowers are going to pop their heads out before school term ends.

 School classroom beds
Hoping these Sunflowers pop out next week

The growing season is going well, lots of things to still look forward too including the lovely beans below - I have a white and red flowered variety growing up here. Achochas, which seem a bit slow growing this year - no idea why. Many more things to come too including the tomatoes, more beetroots, etc and I have lots of brassica seedlings to go in on succession - various kales, cavalo nero, some sprout posies and more that I can't remember right now.
2 varieties of runner beans at home (more at the allotment)
dried garlic awaiting braiding

In nature too, things are moving at a pace. These lovely cherry plums I foraged from near the train station last week, and they are gorgeous. I came home with over 1kg of them and have frozen many for future use. There are other plums looking lovely on a wild patch on the way to school but just out of reach.

foraged cherry plums

In the hedgerows this week I also spotted these sloes already ripening up with their beautiful colours. The elder berries are swelling too. But wait nature please, it's still Summer.
ripening sloes in July 2011

I've been doing a lot of spinning too, working my way through a Portland fleece. I have washed a Dorset Horn fleece too now and that is waiting to be carded. More to wash, more to prep, more to spin; and some to share soon too.

This is my 499th post on the blog, so to celebrate my 500th post I'm going to have a little giveaway and a new look header for the blog for the Summer. See you soon ...


  1. One more week to go, until the end of term. I think the children are ready to stop now. My calender looks more busy in the last two weeks than it has for the whole of the term. The rain has brought everything on suddenly in our garden too. Wonderful to see, if a little bit daunting! Have a good week.

  2. Lovely photos. Our sports day has been cancelled twice this year due to rain!! Hopefully it will take place next week.
    Can taste your hedgerow harvest, bet they are sweet and delicious.x

  3. The colour of those plums is gorgeous.

    Nearly 500 posts!! Well done, your blog is always full of inspiration, I love reading it.


  4. wow! loving the raised beds!!!

  5. I know just what yo mean about slow it down..things seem to be on fast forward right now. All so lovely, Dawn. I love those plums. Imogen must have enjoyed her sports day.


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