Monday, 4 July 2011

Sunny days ...

Are for playing in paddling pools in the garden ...

 I'm going in ...
 Fun in the pool in the Sun

or spending time at the beach ...
 Testing the water!
 Collecting ...
 On the rocks
 Looking for treasures together
Collection of treasures, lovely seaweed, some shells and lovely stones

We met up with Grandparents staying near the coast not far away. We found lots of interesting stones, some fossilised and some with holes straight through that came home with us as treasure! Whilst at the caravan park they were staying at we spotted the Red Arrows at the nearby Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Red arrows

Hmmm, do you think I may be a little bit crazy, as I was filling the paddling pool this morning I couldn't help bu think "that's a lovely size for washing a sheeps fleece!". I'm not sure Imogen would think the same though! Maybe I'll stick with the kitchen sink for now.


  1. I was thinking we couldn't have our paddling pool out, because our new house has no grass! You've inspired me to get the pool out and let the kids splash.
    (We have an Immy too!)

  2. I just swept the floor to make sure there was nothing sharp underneath and she had loads of fun out there. We have a bit of lawn but it was too shady up there under the apple tree!

    Have fun x

  3. Lol, got fleeces on the brain per chance?

  4. Beautiful sunny smiley pictures x

  5. Hey Dawn! You won the ALphabet Glue giveaway! Send me your email address at stumblesstitches (at) and I'll forward it to Annie!

  6. Just wait until one of the rings get a puncture and claim the pool as yours! Love treasures from the beach. Happy times.

  7. My favorite place to be is the beach. What a lovely collection of treasures you find.
    Isn't it exciting when the Red Arrows fly overhead.
    Nice to visit your blog.x


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