Sunday, 14 August 2011

Summer Sundays are for ...

Bringing in the harvest.

This is the scene from my kitchen this evening when Alex returned from a day spent at the allotment whilst Imogen and I entertained ourselves at home.

 just some of the blackberries available - back to pick more soon
 Some of our Pears (20 or so) as the tree is straining under the weight - such a fantastic harvest to pick this year again, kohl rabi, small beetroots, yellow cucumbers (that's the variety) and some green tomatoes from a branch broken off.
 This is what happens to your courgettes when you go on holiday!
An old washing up bowl  full of french beans both green and black, and runner beans.
And a bowl of ripe figs - many already picked and frozen.

 That bowl of figs again! And a crate of Apples!

Alex picked these apples as the tree at the allotment was also straining under the weight of the apples on it! The tree is all apple, you hardly see the leaves. A neighbouring allotment holder also took home half a bucketful. Care to guess the weight of this little lot?

So there's the harvest this week so far, not including the runner beans awaiting picking in the garden, the rest of the blackberries awaiting picking, the achochas growing nicely, more pears, more apples and some almonds looking lovely too ...

 more beans in the garden
Worcester apples in the garden

 Achochas in the garden
Almonds in the garden

I think I may be making a batch of chutney this week to use up the over sized courgette and some of those apples, and maybe some fresh apple juice squeezing this week too. It was our annual allotment show yesterday - Imogen gained a few more rosettes, we didn't enter this year as we just hadn't got organised enough to look at what we'd have had to show - there's always next year.

Oh and that crate of apples? Did you take a guess on the weight? ...
33 pounds! 15 kg!


  1. What an amazing harvest .... bountiful indeed x

  2. From what I can see , we have the same type of apples, three trees; we've tried to eat one but it was so sour !!!! What do you do with them ? Thanks

  3. Not sure it's the same apples as these are sweet desert apples, not sour at all. Some will be eaten, some freshly juiced, some frozen or preserved in bottles, some in other cooking or in chutneys. So many to get through though!


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