Thursday, 25 August 2011

Holding on to Summer? Or leaping into Autumn?

With the ripening of the elderberries and sloes nearby, the cooler morning and evenings, it's beginning to feel a lot like Autumn is on its way. But just when you get that feeling, Summer hot sunshine comes back and visits. So which is it for you?
 Elderberries and Sloes ripe and full of colour

We gathered some elderberries - probably freeze them for now and gather more soon to make cordial or syrup, lots more elderberries to pick another day. We have also been nature gathering in the parks, horse chestnuts (conkers), acorns are all falling amongst the leaves that seemed to start falling back in June and July! Yes it's been a funny year for the seasons again this year.
 ripe elderberries
still to ripen

We have continued to harvest many more blackberries and many, many pears this week, oh and more figs which we've been slowly freezing and have an enormous amount now. Thinking of doing some kind of fig pudding for Christmas. The apples (and remaining pears) need to wait until we get through that crate!

Another couple of weeks here before school term starts, much art and crafting going on here both by Imogen and myself. Will share some projects soon.


  1. Ohh I can't help wanting to hurry Autumn on a bit after our distinct lack of it last year (hot sun straight into early frosts here!) but we have had some lovely Summery days this week too. I'm loving the harvesting. I've had fresh elderberries three days in a row: on their own, with whipped cream and blackberries, and in an autumnal compote. Yum!

  2. I would like Summer to have lasted a little bit longer, but Autumn does appear to be knocking at the door!
    Beautiful berries. I love apples and really want to go to an apple festival this year. There are lots around here.
    Wishing you happy days for the rest of the holidays!

  3. I am hoping for a last burst of sunny days :-) I love love the summer and this year I dont feel that Ive had quite had enough sun to get me through the dark seasons yet. I am going camping by the beach next week so perhaps when I get back and the new school year starts I will feel ready to cosy down a bit.

  4. I wish that summer would hold on a little bit longer, we just haven't had enough of it this year, but autumn is definitely on the way. It's a damp, dark, miserable day here today, not summery at all.

  5. Nope -I am holding on for one more week. Even if we found a small blackberry down the road, and ate all the ripe ones - unusual for this treeless place. xxx

  6. We've had such a wet Summer that it feels like we've been in Autumn for a while except for yesterday that was suddenly 30c!! I've been picking blackberries in the woods for crumbles... So glad to have found your Blog, Catherine x

  7. I love Autumn, but really think that summer wasn´t properly there...
    Happy Harvesting!
    Kimmy x

  8. thank yuo for your comments dawn on my blog,settling in ok at school but a bit of a culture shock!
    i am just trying to see if this blogger thing will let me leave comments. here goes!!


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