Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho or is it oh, oh, oh ...

No snow here yet, just in the shopping centre!

The festive season is upon us, busy times making, creating, planning. I just don't seen to find the time to blog, or find the inspiration of what to write. Why, I don't know - there is always some time, and always something to share but, well I don't know ... it just doesn't happen. I am going to try and focus on some things to get back into the swing of blogging.

Lots of things in the making here, some I can't share on the blog at the moment though in case certain eyes see something they shouldn't be seeing just yet. Will find a way to share pictures sometime.

At the weekend I took Imogen to the local Art Gallery who run a monthly art club which she loves attending. Being December there was a Christmas theme this month so lots of Christmas decorations have been made. We made a hanging snowman and angel for the tree and some clay decorations decorated with gold powder and jewels. We also did some printing to create a Christmas card.

Clay decorations 
(I loved the idea of placing a paperclip in the clay 
for a hanger - it stays in nice when the clay is dry)

After lunch I thought we could wander around the town to take in the Christmas lights and sights. We wandered around the German Christmas market, Imogen hugged a snowman, we saw the decorations in the shopping centre.
Imogen looking at Rupert and Bauble

We then went into another shopping centre to come across two Reindeer, who we discovered after chatting to the elf looking after them that their names were Bauble and Rupert. Rupert is Rudolph's brother but he doesn't have a red nose like his brother.

Santa's workshop was just up the way and I caught sight of Father Christmas and was transported back to my childhood visits to Father Christmas at the department store we always went to as children in Birmingham. The most amazing Father Christmas, so yes we took our place in the queue to visit. These things are what make treasured family memories for us. As we waited we watched the reindeer some more. The lady in front asked the elf how they got them there ... "They flew" was the very straight faced reply, explaining how they removed the windows in the roof for them. The elves swapped over after a while and the lady repeated the question to the new elf and had the same response. Imogen thought this was very funny - why was she asking the same question again! To ease the wait, which wasn't too bad anyway they handed out some chocolate lollipops which nearly caused a disaster when Imogen bit into it to find her already wobbly tooth (3rd one now) a lot more wobbly. It didn't come out, and still hasn't but won't take long I'm sure.

 Wonderful jolly Father Christmas

Father Christmas was lovely, taking time to talk, no talk of lists or good or not, just a good old fashioned visit to Father Christmas. Imogen really enjoyed the experience. Ah, memories.

More planning, more creating, more fun to come.

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