Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A day of action ... and lots of activity

Well I have Imogen at home with me today as her school is closed due to the strikes. I/We are in full support of the action in this country today, we've both worked in public service jobs before and this affects many people we still know. I am pleased to be hearing the news reporting a bit more on the reasoning behind the cuts to public service pensions - it has little to do with making public service pensions sustainable, but more to do with raising money to help the deficit in this country instead of making those responsible pay.

Right, I'll get off off my soap box now.

This has meant we get to spend a lovely day together. What have we been up to? Well with it being December tomorrow, what better way to spend the day then to be making Christmas cards.

I dug out some foam stamps and some stencils from previous years and got out the paints and blank cards. Imogen has had great fun making lots of cards. My favourite was a rainbow snowflake stencil so I asked to make a few of these! Oh and she decided she wanted to dress up as a postie as she is making cards to send to people.
 Artist/postie at work at her Christmas cards
 Card production line

I'm doing a bit of felting today, finishing off a Yule log for an order on etsy for a lovely lady - you know who you are! Also finishing touches going on a Father Christmas to add to the shop too. Other projects in the making too.
The start of the log - it's almost finished but no sneaky peek just yet!

So lots of activity going on here today, how about you?


  1. The cards and your felting look great, Imogen has definately inherited your creative genes! xx


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