Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Knitting, reading and exciting delivery!

As it is World Wide Knit in Public week I have taken a little knitting out with me this week. Want to see where we've been?

 In the park
 On the bus
To school

This is a tunic I started way back for Imogen, it will be finished one day.

My knitting lately has been more focused on my handspun tunic jumper. I hadn't knitted it for a while, just took a break longer than expected and then when the weather was hot (remember that?) it was too hot to knit with this wool, just made my hands hot and clammy. So with the change of weather last week I got this out again and have added many, many more rows.

 Handspun tunic using the grey zwartble x

This is a top down seamless top (less work)and I am currently shaping the lower part that flares out like a tunic. I shall then be adding some finishing touches to the sleeves and maybe the neckline by picking up stitches, just haven't decided what to do yet. Maybe I'll try it on first when blocked/pressed and see whether it needs anything. I' enjoying this, enjoying knitting a large item with my handspun and loving the grey colours from this natural fleece.

Reading several things as usual, knitting and spinning items are being dipped in and out of mainly. We went to a local library the other day and when I returned to the childrens area after a browse in the craft books (as you do) I found Imogen sitting reading this

Getting into Terry Pratchett at the library

A girl following her parents love of Terry Pratchett. Later in the day she said she recognised the name from books by my bedside. I think I read this to her when she was younger, at the library. The next book she picked up was by Neil Gaiman. This girl of ours has good taste in books!

I'm going to link this up to Ginny's Yarn Along, since it contains knitting and reading.

Oh and the exciting delivery in the post?

Is this!

Any guesses? Oh what a tease ... back soon to reveal all or see if anyone guesses correctly (no prizes sadly, just for fun).


  1. Nice to see what you have been up to. I didn't realise it was knit in public week. The delivery... Hmmm.... A job offer to work in an official capacity at the Guild, eith that, or something very woolly and squishy.

    1. Oh I wish on the job offer - to be paid to do something would be lovely.
      And nope, nothing woolly.

  2. Where's my cow is Meg's favourite book! Love Pratchett here too :-)


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