Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Weekending and spinning

Well the crazy days of jubilee celebrations appear to have ended, here the long bank holiday weekend ended with some muffins! Muffins with a jubilee theme, just to go with the vintage bunting which is older than I thought. It had apparently been hanging at the garage for VE Day, so is a few years older than originally thought.

On Sunday we went to the Theatre to see The Gruffalo. It was lovely, the performers were good and brought a lot of humour to the show and audience participation. Imogen brought along her Gruffalo hand puppet and mouse finger puppet and was enthralled.
 Theatre trip to see The Gruffalo

I spent the day on Monday at Manor Farm in the barn spinning with some friends from the Guild. It's an event on our calendar each year - Woolly Weekend, and one that is very special to me. It was here 3 years ago that I first met members of the guild, just a couple of weeks after my mad purchase of my first wheel knowing absolutely nothing about how to use it. One wonderful lady, now a friend, showed me how to spin and allowed me the opportunity to spin on her wheel and so my love of spinning began.

We regularly visit the farm, and were at woolly weekend for the last 2 years but just as visitors. But this year I promised myself and others that I would be there to demonstrate, to give something back and offer visitors the opportunity to have a go at spinning too.

Spinning at Manor Farm's Woolly Weekend

It was rather cold at times in the barn, but shawls kept us cosy. We had many visitors with varying interest, those who were interested were friendly and inquisitive and loved the opportunity to try the wheel. I was voted to be the best of those of us there to teach a couple of interested ladies who will hopefully be popping along to the guild meetings soon. Such an honour to be considered good at teaching the skills, from others who have been spinning many more years than I have. Very humbling.

Masham single ply

I had a lovely day, spun up a couple of bobbins of some grey Masham, which I have now plied at home. I also did some spindling on a drop spindle I love using, so simple but beautifully balanced. I also did a little card weaving with a few visitors too.

I love going to Manor Farm as does Imogen who came later in the day with Alex for a wander around and to pick me up at the end of the day.  In addition to it being a lovely day out, it is also where they are currently filming the latest BBC series "Wartime Farm" with Ruth Goodman, Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn - from other series Victorian Farm and Edwardian Farm. How exciting!

Today is our Woolly Wednesday gathering over on Spinspiration, more on my recent spinning endeavours over there if you'd like to pop over to see more pictures. I'd love to see what you've been up to too, any crafts with wool or fibre.  It's nice to blog over at Spinspiration, but would be lovely to see more bloggers link up with us - go on you know you'd love to - virtual cake and coffee (or whatever your tipple is) are available too!


  1. Sounds like a fantastic time. And what an honour to be seen as the best teacher. Even more to add to your following, and your guru like status ;)

  2. Oh my goodness, a new series of the farm programmes, I never knew, thanks Dawn! One of the few things I watch on TV these days :) And your yarn is so lovely, so professional xx


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