Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Happy days ... colourful days ...

Little time to blog ...

Lots of this instead ...
Spinning alongside fellow spinners in Ravelry in the Tour de Fleece, which if you don't know runs alongside the Tour de France cycling. They pedal, I treadle!

 Polwarth singles spinning
 Polwarth plied 

And spinning the Olympic ring colours for an Olympic project ...

spinning the blue
spinning the yellow
spinning the black
spinning the Green
 spinning the red
All colours spun

Now time to ply the colours, and some more spinning for the TDF too. Happy days.

Also looking forward to plans and non-plans for the coming school holidays. More happy days.


  1. The yarns look amazing Dawn! We're looking forward to the holidays too, so great to spend all our time together as a family :) Happy spinning! xx

    1. Thank you x
      So lovely to "see" you too, I only discovered recently that you'd stopped blogging on your old blog, had missed your goodbye post until after it was closed.
      love Dawn x

  2. Wow! What colours. Certainly brighten up the day. Happy days indeed. Here's to the school holidays. I can't wait.

  3. the Tour de france comment made me laugh! my dad loves the tour!
    I too am looking forward to the holidays! A well deserved rest!
    happy spinning
    i am hoping to learn to knit this holiday!

  4. That's alot of spinning!! I was thinking the other day how it's a good job I've got home based hobbies to keep me busy when the weather is bad, it looks like you've made the most of it, and some!

    Have a wonderful summer break.


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