Friday, 6 July 2012

I almost forgot ... 7 years in the planning

Remember this post about an exciting delivery?

Well I forgot delayed sharing with you what that delivery was until today.

Aptly though today is a key date to what that exciting delivery is.

7 years ago today, I was almost 7 months pregnant with Imogen. Wow she will be 7 soon! There was a big news story 7 years ago today also - the announcement that London had secured the 2012 Olympics. We said there and then that we would go and see something at the Olympics, taking our soon to be born child, how is that for forward planning?

The opportunity to be part of something in your home country that doesn't happen many times in your lifetime, maybe twice if you're lucky, was just something we knew we would want to do. The opportunity to take a soon to be 7 year old along to a world event is exciting, for her and for us.

So yes, if you hadn't already guessed, the exciting delivery was tickets to the London 2012 Olympics

Excitement is mounting in the house, it's not that far away now. Imogen has an Olympic themed week at school next week, and I'm going to spin some Olympic colours this week to knit something in time for our days out. We are also looking forward to seeing the Olympic torch locally soon too.

Sadly there was another event in the news 7 years ago tomorrow, our thoughts are with the families affected by that event. We were due to see REM at Hyde park on the 9th July 2005 but it was postponed for a week following the London bombings. An eventful week, ups and downs. REM were brilliant on the re-arranged date.

A promise fulfilled as we look forward to being part of London 2012.

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