Monday, 27 August 2012

And other things ...

The Olympics has been a big part of our Summer holidays here, but here are some other things we have been up to.

Celebrating 10 years of marriage, we returned to the place we got married and showed Imogen around the grounds and building. It was lovely going back and then followed by a lovely walk in the New Forest with a New Forest Ice Cream of course!

We had a holiday in Devon. The weather was mixed, we made the most of the wonderful sunshine we did have. The beach at Broadsands gave us a wonderful beach fun day and a ride on a pedalo.


The traffic was a nuisance. Our holiday cottage was lovely except for being in the attic room which was not that well insulated and the roof became a playground for Seagulls at night - queue sleeplessness until we picked up earplugs! Some places visited were not that inspiring and doubt we'd return to some towns. We visited some lovely small museums and took a few boat trips. We were sailors aboard the Golden Hind.
 Setting off the air raid siren
 meeting Star wars characters and Darwin
The Golden Hind

Imogen enjoyed herself, which is good; we were all glad to return home. Enjoying the last few weeks before school returns. Imogen is working on a masterpiece scrapbook, having adventures and writing writing writing  more of her stories, and drawing. Imaginative, creative and happy girl ... and getting excited that she is soon to be seven!

Signing off with a few more holiday images ...

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