Thursday, 23 August 2012

Oops ...

You know you haven't blogged for a while when your husband tells you that you need to update it!

So a little update.

Since my last post we returned to Wembley stadium for our last Olympic event which was the Womens Football Final and medal ceremony. Another fabulous Sunny, even balmy, Summer evening. We arrived at Wembley Park Tube station with ease and walked the short walk up Wembley Way to the stadium. The match was between USA and Japan and there were many fans of each, and lots of neutral supporters too, the most heartwarming sight was seeing so many children there taking in such a lovely atmosphere and event.

Womens Olympic Football Final USA v Japan

We were in different camps for this one, Alex has always liked Japan so put his support in them, Imogen decided she wanted to support USA, then Japan, no USA, no Japan (you get the idea!) so I face painted her for both so she was supporting the winner whoever won! She did settle on wanting USA to win. I went with USA too as I watched how great they were in the semi-final against Canada.

Face painted and ready to go ...
 Ticket ready and entering Wembley Stadium

It's an impressive stadium and a wonderful sight to walk up the steps and look out across the stadium. Watching the sun set on a lovely evening was impressive too.

We had a fantastic evening, the match was really good - ladies do indeed know how to play good football. The result was 2-1 to USA, here are some of our photos ...

 love this image of Imogen with the Sun setting
 Sunset across the stadium
 Winning goal for USA
 ... and a happy Imogen celebrating the goal!

One of the funniest moments on the night was the impromptu boo-ing when Sepp Blatter was announced to the crowd as part of the medal ceremony! Oh we laughed, and boo-ed. I think he got the message. No doubt many Japanese and American supporters wondered what it was about.

 Wembley at night
 Ready to go home

The walk back to the tube station was busier, but well organised by the police on horseback. There was even an impromptu break out of "Don't Stop Believing" as we passed a take away food van with the radio on. Magical. Imogen was a little tired by now though.

Along Wembley Way
Tired on the Tube ride back to the car to go home

Lovely evening, football, ceremony and a late night - returning to our car after midnight and then home about 2am! Imogen was amazed at being so late home, and then I was surprised by her fantastic lie in the next morning as she didn't wake until 11.50am! Just in time for lunch.

Thank you again to London 2012, Wembley and all the added memories.

Tired from our trip, we had a quiet day at home to pack ready to go to Devon for a week - more on that next time.

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