Monday, 18 February 2013

Ticking things off the list

It's lovely when you can tick things of a list, even if the list is non-existent on paper.

Continuing the woolly theme, I have cast off my shawl using the Blue/green yarn with silk and sparkles. Remember this?

Well now it is a super cosy shawlette/scarf, if that's the name. It has a shawl shape but is narrow and ill be worn wrapped around the neck more like a scarf. I'm not really a shawl wearer, you know the ones that sit over your shoulders and lay down your back. So wanting something more practical I came up with my own recipe for this one - increasing more regularly to get a long shawl but keeping the width narrow.

As I had named this yarn Ocean Sparkle, I decided to knit the Old Shale stitch pattern after a garter stitch section, signifying waves.

I took this to the Guild meeting yesterday and knitted it during out talks, and when I thought there was just the right amount to cast off I started the cast off row, only to find I was running out of yarn! Doh! Unpicked and cast off when I got home.

I'm very happy with this, love the colours, and it's lovely and warm to wear. I haven't blocked it, but may just press it but was so keen to wear it yesterday.


  1. Such a beautiful colour. How lovely to tick something off too. I can sympathize with running out of wool. I am too optimistic that I'll just have enough.

  2. lovely, lovely colors...
    bye from switzerland,


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