Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Phew ... busy spinning

Monet inspired fibre for spinning

I have had a busy spinning month, which I have blogged about more over on the Spinspiration blog for the Woolly Wednesday gathering today - come and join us with your woolly crafting of late - you don't have to be spinner, any woolcrafts to share are welcome, we'd love to see you.

I had already shared the blue sparkle and some Hebridean black here, but there are new ones over there including Rainbows and my Monet Inspiration yarn - here's a peek ...

Rainbow yarn n-plied bulky handspun
Monet Inspiration handspun

See more of these and others over on Spinspiration.

The Rainbow yarn was claimed by Imogen for a Cowl and a hat. This hat in the photo was a little small so I frogged it and re-knitted it a little bigger so it fits better now.

 Modelling the hat and cowl (she wasn't too well that day!)

Lots more spinning and knitting plans, stash busting of odd balls of all sorts of yarns. Busy woolly days, what about you?

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