Monday, 18 November 2013

I Yarn bombed my chair!

So the Guild challenge piece I've mysteriously mentioned over time is a chair that I yarn bombed. I can't find the photo of the chair before (although I'm sure I took one!). And yay I managed to blog in between Woolly Wednesdays!

Here are the pictures of my chair, which is already well loved and very comfortable.

 Ta dah ...
 View from the front and side

 The other side
 Seat back
 Back of seat
 Back of chair
 From below

and another angle!

It received many admiring looks, and a few members are inspired to do something similar around their homes.

What next ...?


  1. Your chair is incredible! I want to yarn bomb something really bad!

  2. I LOVE it! As soon as I finish all this gift knitting, I am going to find a chair that needs bombing too.

  3. I love this Dawn, such a great idea! I'll bet it's comfy to sit on too! xx

  4. Definitely inspiring. That is one gorgeous looking chair.


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