Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Oops! Woolly Wednesday sleeping ...

Oops, I just realised it is Wednesday, but the 2nd Wed of the month so that means I missed Woolly Wednesday posting last week. Sorry, just busy here.

So instead, how about we resume again in 2014!

Do other bloggers still want to join in the Woolly Wednesday? Just pondering for now, can still keep in touch with other blogs so wondered if it was still worth posting the linky. Your thoughts in the comments would be appreciated (if you want to leave a comment that isn't published, just let me know and I will read it but not publish it). I intend to keep blogging, so will catch up with you all on your blogs even if the linky came to an end. We'll see, but please let me know either way.

Have a lovely Christmas/Festive season everyone, hope to see you again in the New Year.


  1. I would still like to see the linky here.

  2. I've really enjoyed it Dawn (but have been guilty of forgetting myself sometimes). I did write one this month and have been looking out for your post. Please continue!

    1. Oops, I'm going to post one if you want to link up. At least I can go and see your blog too. I just haven't had time this month and really need to clean up my blog reader list so I see the ones I want to see when I do have the time.
      Thank you xx

  3. I love the concept and do a Woolly Wednesday post even when I forget to link to it because it makes me stop and think about my spinning at least once a month. It seems to take a back seat to knitting post-wise because it's not always easy to photograph. I do enjoy reading the other WW posts, but I now read most of the "usual suspect's" posts on a regular basis anyway so not having the linky is not so terrible.
    Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2014!

    1. Thank you xx
      I need to clean up my blog reader as I seem to miss the ones I want to read when I do find a few minutes to browse.

  4. I will continue xx
    I would miss it I think too, so on that note I'm going to post a link today if anyone wants to do it for December, although I cannot add a post of my own right now but maybe in the coming weeks before January.

    Thanks fellow fibre lovers xx


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