Monday, 9 May 2011

Fun at the Fair

We had a great weekend, lovely day out at the fair. We weren't sure what the weather would be after all the rain we had over Friday and Saturday night - wow, but great for the garden and the water butts!

Outside the Woodland classroom

We picked up some friends and arrived at the Sustainability Centre around 11.30am, took the tractor ride from the car park and arrived to a short sharp shower of rain, then it stopped as we got off and the day got better and better. Glorious sunshine for the rest of our visit, wonderful.

 Concentrating on the plate spinning
 walking wheels (or ankle injurers!)
Tight rope walking

We partook of circus skills, crafts and a little face painting (well Imogen did all these) - Imogen has only recently decided she would like face painted. Today she decided to have an angel painted on her face and looked lovely. Oh, and a little bee on her cheek.

My little angel

We visited the woodland classroom and heard questions and answer sessions with the Harlands, Ben Law and John-Paul Flintoff. Interesting stuff. Picked up a few seeds at the seed swap, enjoyed walking around, the atmosphere, the parade and having fun with friends.

 On parade

With some money from her nanny's visit she bought a handheld prayer drum and a finger piano (Karimba) and we made music as we walked and went on the parade.

Lost in thought playing the finger piano, chilling in the Yurt
 ... and running around having fun with the handheld drum!

Looking forward to next year already.


  1. My children love circus workshops too. They are great fun.
    Lovely photos of your daughter Imogen, we have an Imogen too.

  2. Dawn, it looked like you had a great time. The photo of Imogen in the yurt with the instrument is lovely x

  3. Imogen looks so happy there!


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