Saturday, 21 May 2011

Predicting a bumper fruit year

Just look at the fruit on these trees, it's going to be a bumper harvest again this year.

Pear Tree
This Pear tree did okay last year although not as good as the year before where we had well over 100 fruit - it's not  big tree. This year looks like it will be similarly abundant.

 Desert apple tree

The desert apple tree at the allotment - masses of fruit as usual. I haven't checked the Worcester in the garden, but it's a later one so the fruit are probably just forming - there were masses of blossom so should be good too.

Fig tree

The Fig tree is doing good this year too - lots of fruit there and it's more open now so should ripen lovely.

Bramley Apple Tree

These beauties are on the apple tree I've mentioned before - dug up and removed from the garden where it wasn't doing well, and replanted with fingers crossed at the allotment. It's shown good signs of life and now these lovely fruits so it was worthwhile moving this.

And a tale of two vines - one discovered  on the overgrown plot we took on and Alex is trying to see what it may do this year. There were grapes on it last year, so with a bit of care and attention it may do well.

 Rescued Vine - white grape, no idea on variety

Boskoop Glory Vine
(currently interplanted with Garlic and Broad Beans and many spare canes!)
This one is one we bought last year - after much searching for the much recommended Boskoop Glory by Bob Flowerdew, apparently a really easy one to grow in the UK.

The gooseberries are abundant too and ready to pick soon, the rhubarb is coming to an end. Oh I must go and see how the currants and blueberries are doing. I've seen flowers on the Kiwi - fingers crossed that some pollination goes on. Not a fruit but a nut - the Almond has a few nuts forming too.


  1. Wow Dawn, loads of fruit growing at yours! What a delicious harvest you have to look forward to! xx

  2. Dear Dawn you have won my Alpaca pattern giveaway:) Congratulations:) Could you send me your email address.


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