Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Good things come to she who waits ...

I am a great believer in things happening at the right time, sometimes we just have to wait a while, hold on and good will happen.

Want to see my new toy?

Something to help my fibre preparation?

Something I've kind of thought I'd like to get but oh the cost! Guessed yet?

Well I have had one on (long-term) loan from the Guild for about 11 months, but now it can go back, I was needing to take it back next month anyway as another member (actually 2 now) want to borrow it from the Guild.

So how utterly wonderful it was that this week I just happened across an advert for ...

"Handmade Drum Carder, built be Master Carpenter, works as good as any of the expensive models", but at a snip of the price of the more expensive models. An email, a couple of phone calls and a trip in the car and the drum carder is mine.

Carder in need of a good clean

Pictures above are before a good clean up as it has been stored for a while on a farm and now has been re-homed as the lady who owned it needed to downsize. She was so pleased it was going to a new home of someone who loves to spin and would appreciate it, of which I certainly will. It's a lovely piece - solid and yes it works just as well as others I have used so this spinner here is very chuffed!

After a clean up she looks like this ...

 Cleaned up lovely, see how clean the carding cloth is now?
excuse over exposure, my flash isn't working properly these days!
Look at that lovely handle too
(ignore the messy table though!)

I know many spinners have named their spinning wheels, I haven't yet. However my drum carder is named Delia, the name of the previous owner whose husband had carved her name on the drum carder he made for her. So her name will remain, I feel like I have a lovely piece of history in my hands. I shall take care of her.

 Introducing Delia

Here she is clean as new and carding some lovely Portland white wool. It cards beautifully.

Portland on the carder
Portland teased ready to card on the right
Carded batt on the left

It's a case of good things coming to those who wait. I have increasingly over the last few weeks been trying to work out if I could purchase a Drum Carder, but at £200 plus, really couldn't justify the expense, especially as I'd want a good one. I have watched a few on ebay but even 2nd hand they really hold their price, a much wanted 2nd-hand item.

So I waited, and look what came along and just the right time, and at just the right price.


  1. looks gorgeous all cleaned up xxx

  2. Oh Dawn. Your drum carder is really fantastic! Hooray for you. I am so happy for you! And look how you have cleaned it up. So much care. Yes, a drum carder is the only purchase on my list, but I too just cannot justify the price. I keep on the lookout too.

  3. Ow what a lovely find. Not that I know much lol but your enthusiasm has got me :)
    Still watching my Wee Peggy but whatever happens I'm sure I will be sharing your enthusiasm more completely soon.

  4. Oh my goodness! Lucky you. I am looking for one at the moment, but the price of them makes it a low priority. I'll take your lead and see what turns up!

  5. It was just right for your Dawn. I am so pleased for you and hope you and Delia have a very long and happy life together. Beautiful story. xxx

  6. wow, it looks great! How special that she even came with her name:) My mum used to spin and had a drum carder, unfortunately she gave away her wheel and drum carder long before I got into spinning, *sigh* i sure hope im able to find one day a great deal like you did

  7. Thank you all.

    Keep a look at to those looking for second hand, it really can happen. It would have been a long long wait for me to buy one new.

    I think I may start calling myself the Frugal Spinner, having paid a fraction of the price new for my spinning equipment.

  8. That's great Dawn, it looks like a really beautiful piece - I've just this morning sold mine on Ebay! I have a good pair of hand carders, and don't use the drum carder enough to warrant having one - we need poultry fencing more urgently! Happy carding xx

  9. It looks gorgeous, there is definately a market for hiring drum carders!

  10. What a beautiful piece of equipment. I love the history that goes with it. And given the amount of wool you have, a drum carder is essential!


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