Thursday, 16 June 2011

How to brighten up a dreary day

A bit wet and miserable out there today, and more forecast for tomorrow, so I thought I'd brighten up the day with some colour from the garden.

One of our lovely sunflowers which greet you as you go into the back garden.

 Wild strawberries

Our lovely wild strawberries that we have been harvesting lately along with the cultivated ones, mmmm fresh strawberries warmed by the sunshine ... well maybe not today!
 Fresh homegrown tomatoes

Beautiful juicy flavoursome home grown tomatoes, the first of many to come.

What's brightening up your day today?
Actually now the sun has come out so that's brightening up the day lovely too.


  1. One of our sunflowers as opened today too! Great post Dawn, need it today down here, it's alternating sunshine and downpours! xx

  2. Sunflowers always bring a smile to my face!

    Just has a lovely half hour spinning out on the driveway whilst Sophie slept in the car, not sure what the postman thought of it all though!!

  3. Sunflowers always do it for me too. great looking toms :)
    Lol at Claire

  4. Peonies for me! Can't get enough of them. They grow them in the field near my house, and I saw one yesterday the size of a dinner plate. They just make me smile! Love your blog :-)

  5. Your tomatoes are ahead of ours. How wonderful to be so close to eating. Yum!

  6. Great photos - no flowers blooming in my garden yet, but I have had a few strawberries ;0)


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