Thursday, 23 June 2011

Some things to share

I've got a few things buzzing away in my head at the moment, blog posts to write here and at Spinspiration, articles for the Guild newsletter, all I need is the time to get down and write them. One such article is a review of a fabulous new book on sheep and other animal fibers called "The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook" by Deborah Robson and Carol Ekarius - see my review over on Spinspiration. What a great book!

In the meantime, a few things going on here - Imogen made Daddy a lovely hand-drawn T-shirt using some fabric crayons and pens, and a lovely card for Fathers Day.

 Daddy's t shirt

She also wanted to buy him a giant chocolate coin when we were at the shops the other day so we got him that too, obviously he would like to share that with her!

We've had my parents staying for the weekend (gone home now) and Imogen spent Saturday with them whilst Alex was on a course through work and I was at the Guild meeting. We had a lovely meeting, spin and chat in the morning - am opportunity to try out different wheels! The afternoon was about some fabric dyeing for synthetic fabrics that I had never heard of and they are fantastic, definitely something to pick up some time and play with - I will probably come back to this on the blog sometime.

Netley Abbey ruins panorama

On Sunday we went to the ruins of Netley Abbey nearby for a walk and adventure! Imogen was fascinated, and thought she may be Queen for the day and this was her castle. I think we shall visit more often now, especially with it being free and on the doorstop.

 family photo
 Imogen enjoyed looking around and taking pictures on her camera

I sneaked around and surprised her here as she was hiding!

Busy this week getting the newsletter together, writing a book review (written) and magazine review; hoping to write a blog post on Spinspiration about washing fleece for spinning - have had some different experiences with this recently so should be able to pull something together. I'm sure there's more too, as well as some tidying and de-cluttering of course. Oh and then there's the garden and seed sowing too.


  1. How busy are you! I feel exhausted just reading it. Wonderful time of year. Love the photo of the ruins. Looks like a great day out. I'm looking forward to reading your fleece post. Remember to breathe!

  2. What a lovely T-shirt :-) Are you looking forward to the summer holidays? Hugs to you all x

  3. Blimey you are busy...hope you manage to get everything done :o)


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