Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Summer ... Autumn ...

New Forest Autumnal colours
New Forest Stag

Well since my last post we've definitely enjoyed more Summer days with lovely sunshine and hot humid days. Enjoying the last of the Summer holidays before school starts again, spending time with friends and family and time for just us too. So much we have been up to - days out in the New Forest spotting Deer and lizards, farm trips, street theatre (could have been better!), parks ...all great fun. Some images of our recent fun ...

 Visiting the Deer in the New Forest
 ... taking after her Mommy
 spotting wildlife
 and New Forest lizards
climbing fallen trees
 having a picnic
and jumping for joy
 visiting the farm ... as a bunny
 enjoying circus skills tent ... again
 balancing on the beam to play catch!

Alex played his first gig recently with the ukelele jam he became a part of only a few months ago and really enjoyed it. The biggest grin came upon his face when he won the first prize of a beautiful Ukelele in the raffle worth about £180. He is enjoying playing it and his old one has been eyed up by a little girl! She has enjoyed sitting strumming with him and automatically holds it left-handed so Daddy has restrung it for lefties so maybe I'll have a go at learning too as it was awkward the other way round.

Yesterday was the last day of the holidays and we spent the morning building a play scene from a book we picked up ages ago at the charity shop - a Winnie the Pooh one that I said we'd do in the holidays, luckily Imogen remembered about it yesterday morning! Fiddly thing to put together but looks good and she loves it and is making up all sorts of stories with it.

There is now a real air of Autumn, the mornings are fresher, the nights are getting darker earlier, and as we look all around us the berries and fruits on the trees are bountiful. I have a few projects to make or do up at the moment - things for a certain little girls 6th birthday later this month, Autumn goodies and my Guild challenge cushion which I'm weaving lots of squares for. Then there are a few bits and bobs to get ready for Christmas. Back soon with more on these.

... Imogen was back to school today looking lovely in her new uniform, just a pity the weather was so yucky that she needed waterproofs and wellies for her first day back! Ah well it's supposed to be brighter later although still windy and better as the week goes on.


  1. You guys have been busy! Autumn is definately here in this part of the country too. Lucky Alex, looks like a great piece of kit he won! xx

  2. Hope your daughter enjoyed her first day back to school. She will certainly have memories of a lovely summer holiday to keep her happy!xxx

  3. What a lovely day out in the forest! I love woodlands, and the stillness there. I can't believe you got so close to deer! Fantastic. Best wishes for Imogen's return to school. I miss England.


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