Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Around the garden

Well hello sunshine, I so want to believe that this is the start of  *whispers* Summer. Sunny days please, rain at night.

Moving on, we have work to do this week planting out all the lovely things that I have sown and nurtured in the greenhouse. Busy times have meant that many of these haven't been planted out yet. Lovely healthy strong plants, so I am busy preparing the garden veg bed for many of these to get planted into, and others will go up to the allotment this week too.

Yesterday I took a little stroll around the garden when I was watering the plants and took my camera with me. Here are some of the delights I saw ...

Apple blossom on the main apple tree in the garden, a later apple so the blossom is later than those that have already been and gone.


The wonderful Medlar tree, with buds and blossom. I wonder if we will be lucky and get some fruit this year? That would be marvellous.

A lovely Wisteria colouring up now.

Our Gunnera already showing us how big he's going to get this year, the flowers are big this year.

Lots of perennial edibles are going strong in the one bed, our strawberries are flowering and looking lovely, and the wild strawberries are spreading everywhere. Looking forward to enjoying these delights over the next few weeks and months.

I had better get out there and get on with it, so I can share some pictures of more things planted next time. Also in the planning is some dye plants - just need to decide where they are going, they too are being nurtured for now in the greenhouse, more on those later.

How is your garden looking or what are you planting soon?


  1. Lovely :-) We are doing "low maintenance" this year, so flowers (mainly climbing roses and clematis, and wild flower mix from seed with a few sunflowers thrown in) and we will have strawberries and tomatoes in hanging baskets (when I've planted them :-) )

  2. Almonds! I would love to have a nut tree but we do not have enough space. There is always so much to do at this time of year.


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