Friday, 4 May 2012

Changing ...

 Casting on my handspun zwartble again! (last time hopefully)

After my mixed week post last week I thought I'd pop by to update, and the word that best describes this week is changing. The weather (I'll quietly say it) is changing for the better hopefully. Less daytime rain so more opportunities to get outside - hopefully we'll get some good planting time at the allotment this week. The pesky slugs have had a go at some of our Kales, luckily there are plenty of replacements in the greenhouse.

I am now pretty much recovered from the throat infection, but thanks to the antibiotics my digestive system isn't too happy so I'm looking into ways to improve that both short and long term. I don't like to take anti-b's and have fortunately not had any for many many years but for this I needed them, otherwise I may have been looking at taking some other meds to open the throat up as it was so swollen - and that's not nice stuff! So looking to change some things and maybe even get to grips with general health, weight and fitness.

Hawthorn blossoms - I wish you could smell it

Also changing are the wonderful blooms in nature. I've been admiring the beautiful fragrance of the Hawthorn blossoms recently, reminding me of the lovely cordial I've made in previous years ... mmmmm. I have also been watching the Elderflower blossoms developing and in the last couple of days have been hit with their heady scent from a couple of white blooms on the walk to school in the morning. Soon it will be elderflower cordial making time. A little later this year with the wet April we have had.

Beautiful elderflower fragrance too

Looking forward to the bank holiday weekend, no particular plans ... just time together as a family and to recharge. There will be some knitting. I have been knitting myself a top finally with the grey zwartble x wool I spun up last year, it's coming on nicely and I love knitting with it. Here it is so far. If it stays dry I may even get some more fleece washed.

Knitting progress

And finally, Imogen decided the other day she would like to wear some of her jewelry, what do you think - just right? too little? too much? She was happy, that's all that matters. I think you can tell she wasn't feeling too well in the photo, she looks tired.

Happy weekend to all, I'd love to hear what you have planned if anything?

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  1. Super bling Imogen! Bless her, I hope she feels better now, and you too Dawn, so many bugs around at the moment. Oh I can't wait to make elderflower cordial this year too; I found a fantastic easy recipe last year and wish I'd made more and frozen it, it was so tasty. Love your yarn too, looks very soft. Hope the sun shines for you guys this weekend xx


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