Monday, 21 May 2012

Full Weekends are ...

Exhausting. The last few weekends have been so full I'm craving a quiet one I think! It's all been lovely though, music and spinning and festival fun again this weekend.

Saturday was my Guild day and was a lovely day as usual, lots of ideas for the newsletter and for promoting the guild so I have some "work" to get on with there. I'm finding I am getting more involved with the committee and things now, and want to engage more with the national side of things too. Anyway, some things for me to ponder for a while.

It was lovely to catch up with friends and forge new friendships too with relatively new members, one of whom was knitting a project I was only last week admiring on ravelry so that was great to see it in the flesh as I wasn't too sure how something in the pattern worked. So simple but so effective, more on this another time as I look at what yarn I may have to fit the pattern.

Our afternoon visitor was a lady who was due to come December 2010 but we experienced quite a bit of snow (for Hampshire!) so the meeting was cancelled. She was re-booked for this month and it was a fun afternoon. We were taken back to our childhoods, well those of us that aren't still there, and told stories and tales with textile references. It was a lovely afternoon, I took notes to do a write up for the newsletter and looking around the room there were members relaxing so much they were nodding off!

Sunday ...
Yes, cheese hats at one of the many food stalls

Sunday brought with it another festival that has been on the calendar for a while. We went to the Watercress Festival in Alresford, famous for the growing of watercress in Hampshire and the railway line. Alex was playing with Southampton Ukelele Jam twice again! One set on the main stage, and a later one in a nearby church with a workshop afterwards for people to come along and have a go at playing.

Morris dancers
Tall policemen or Police shortages? as Alex coined!
(oh and the "ring the bell" game where Imogen won the coconut)
 Surfin USA by the SUJ (what you can't see in this picture is that there 
were 30+ playing, some were offstage at the side!)
 SUJ at the Church
Imogen with her coconut!

We had a lovely time, saw Morris dancers, very tall policemen, Imogen won a coconut which she was very pleased with and the music was great fun.

Back with the start of another week, Imogen has taken in a poem she wrote the other day at home about flower, she just felt like writing one and it was lovely. All about flowers which ties in with one of the topics of this term so she is sharing it with her class today and her teacher is going to pop it up on one of their displays. (updated - she has read this to the class and teachers and her poem will be celebrated at the celebration of work assembly on Thursday with the Headteacher).

Looking forward to the continuing dry weather and the week warming up nicely too, should be able to get out and release some more seedlings from the greenhouse, and get some more succession sowings done too. Add in a little spinning and knitting, all the ingredients for a perfect week again.

 Just some of the plants waiting to be planted

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  1. I'm hoping for a nice week weather wise too ..i have lots to do / plant on my new allotment!


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