Sunday, 30 September 2012

Birthday-ing at Marwell

Marwell Wildlife Park was again the place of choice for the birthday day out, we went the day before her birthday as the weather was glorious that day and it gave her the day of her birthday to enjoy at home.

Another wonderful trip, this year courtesy of a friend of Alex who works at Marwell - exciting for Imogen to "know" a zoo worker, one of those things that often comes up in the "when I'm older, I want to be ..." conversations. I'm not so sure she's that keen on the cleaning up of the poo! An inevitable part of the job.

Imogen had a fun day, we all had a fun day ... we saw all the animals which is no mean feat at such a big park. Even the elusive Red Panda moved a little in his tree and Imogen spotted him first this year as she proclaimed she would; and the normally lazy Coati were more active than we have ever seen them.

Imogen was very taken with the Red Panda this year and a toy one came home with us, named Whiskers.

 Imogen on the tube slide
 I found some cheeky Meerkats!
Imogen loved rolling down the hill

Here are some more images of our day and some of our favourite animals there ...

 Giraffes including 2 babies this year, another on the way
Marwell has a great record in the breeding programme
 Inquisitive Leopard

 Snow Leopard waking from a snooze
 Hey ... cool Lemur!
(captions on a postcard please)
 New Tiger arrival ... he was huge!
(going through his arrival checks ... and eyeing up a big chunk of meat nearby!)
 The Penguins are always popular - we visit at the start and the end of the trip

 Pregnant Mama
 Bat Eared Fox
Another Snow Leopard
They are often difficult to see but not today 
and one of mine, and all of our favourites
the Okapi

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  1. I grew up near Marwell and would visit it each summer, such a fantastic place and the animals are always so happy. Happy birthday to your little one x


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