Friday, 28 September 2012

Seven ...

Updating the knitted bunting
(an annual activity!)

Our beautiful, fun, loving, creative, imaginative little girl is seven.


Seems suddenly so big, but yet still small, enjoying the simplicity of life, often found with her head in a book, always full of questions. Always drawing or writing; creating stories, her own films, events with such wonderful abundant imagination. Precious.

 One of her gifts - a photobook from birth to Seven
This brought many smiles
 Birthday candles
 Time for a birthday ice cream at the wildlife park

Lovely gifts appreciated with such joy, she only asked for the latest Jacqueline Wilson magazine! And yes she did get that, and various Horrible Histories things, books, science-y things, toys and some Poi. Oh and tickets to see and listen to Jacqueline Wilson at half term, she literally squealed with excitement at this!

Another wonderful year, looking forward to the year to your 8th!


  1. Wow 7!! Wishing Imogen a very happy birthday xx

  2. Wow happy birthday Imogen, looks like a very happy day. I might borrow the photo book idea, Meg would love that too - already she is busy planning to be 7 and it'snot till March! Wishing Imogen a happy and wonderful 8th year xxx

  3. Hello! I remember first swinging by here on the hunt for knitted bunting, could it be a year ago already? Or even two! Either way, I love popping by here every now and then and seeing all the lovely inspiring projects you do! And Imogen is a sweet kid - happy birthday! :-)

  4. Oh Happy Birthday Imogen!! What a lovely day you gave your lovely little girl Dawn. 7. So big, but so small still (to us parents eh) :) Love your Marwell photos too, I went on a school trip a loooooong time ago, great place, I will take the boys one day, they would just love it. And your knitted bunting is great! How lovely it must be getting it out and adding to it each year, so special xxx


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