Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Knitting as art

A few other things to blog about soon, but today I want to share with you the work of a local artist who I have had the pleasure of spending time with in recent months, and the pleasure of contributing to a piece of her artwork that is now on public display for all to see and contribute to.

It was the opening night last week and we all went along and had a lovely evening chatting, knitting with friends, and taking in the wonderful Blue Jumper.
knitting continues whilst Sarah talked about the blue jumper

Take a look at the blog to find out what The Blue Jumper is all about, which has been a "collaborative, community knitting project" added to by over 400 others, and has travelled around the region to many groups.

The exhibition is free to visit, you can and will be encouraged to pick up some yarn and add to the piece, jot a few words down on a card which are on display too. There is also a mesmerising video of contributors hands knitting away. Currently in the Bargate Monument Gallery in Southampton until 14th October, do go along and see it if you can.

Here are some images from the opening night, and some from earlier in the year when The Blue Jumper and Sarah visited the Guild ...

 The Blue Jumper in all it's glory
and spreading it's wings
 The names of all who have contributed are written on the walls
 When The Blue Jumper visited the Guild in July

my contribution on opening night
I was very pleased to finish "blue", maybe add jumper on a visit soon!

All our best wishes go to Sarah for her exhibition, a much talked about piece around these parts; it really inspires community spirit as people sit around to chat and knit, whether friends or strangers, we are all connected through the jumper.

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  1. What a fantastic thing to be a part of :o) xx


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