Thursday, 24 January 2013

Not so monochrome any more

buds of Jasmine in the snow

Our covering of snow has pretty much thawed, it was welcome, we had fun but I know I'm happy to see it go now. Will we get any more here? Probably not, but you never know.

What is welcome now is seeing colour return to the world around us. There has been signs of life emerging for a while, I recall an allotment neighbours plot having new rhubarb shoots just before Christmas - a bit early and no doubt the snow hasn't done it any good.

Even in the snow there was colour, our lovely Jasmine brightens the garden just as you walk through the back door.

Take a  little peek at the colours arriving slowly, just slowly for now around here ...

 Crocuses revealing themselves

 Snowdrops back from beneath the snow
 I didn't know the Babbington Leeks were back out of the ground again
 The red veined dandelion is back for salad pickings
and the daffs are starting to burst

Oh I am looking forward to Spring arriving, the days are getting lighter, colour is returning, the birds are chattering louder again.

I'm excited seeing the Bluebells coming through too, one of my favourits flowers - although a while longer before they start flowering.

Madder shoots

And look, see those shoots? That's the Madder ready to grow and spread again. Joy. It makes me think of plans for dyeing wool to spin.

There is colour within the home too, colourful spinning, and knitting, pictures soon.


  1. You're ahead of us. I'm not sure what's hiding under the snow. I did see snowdrops up before the snow hit, but the hens had de-headed them. Grr!

    1. Some of these are in areas protected from the worst weather - the daffs and crocus especially, but signs that things are blooming.

  2. Blimey, my snowdrops are rather later than normal...they've only just got some buds coming on them! Gorgeous pictures :)

  3. oooh pretty, I love th first colours of spring breaking through :-)

  4. Been surprised by the snowdrops here, what a lovely surprise they are though :) You have so much coming up already Dawn, great photos xx


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