Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Having finally set up my blog I then didn't find the time to post about much. So what has kept me busy except for daily life and my very active daughter?
Well the beautiful Spring weather has meant there was no better time to get outside in the garden and up the allotment (although we've been going up there all Winter anyway). More onion sets planted and most of the potatoes we are growing are now in the ground. A few will go into tyre stacks once we've set them up.

The green manure planted over the winter is doing well and will need digging in soon. Alex has been busy clearing the overgrown top half of the plot that we gained in October/November. I think I'll do a separate post about the history of our overgrown allotment another day.

I've also been busy spending some time doing crafts. I have finished my Waldorf Doll and am very pleased with it as a first attempt. I mainly used online sites for patterns and inspiration here and here. She is approx 12 inches, her body is a bit rotund as the fabric I used was a little bit too stretchy. I have since bought some better stockinette and can't wait to get started on another one - this time I am going to do a 16 inch one. I also have the Maricristin Sealey book - Making Waldorf Dolls so will get the size right for this doll. Here is Hermione, a name I really like, and I shall be giving this to my daughter on Mothers Day. I hope she likes it.

I have also spent some time making a Mothers Day card for my mom which I posted to her today as I won't see her until after Mothers Day.

Other crafts I have been doing include some knitting. I was playing with a pattern for a knitted coat for a doll and tried to re-size it for this doll but it has come out too big. I think it will probably fit a 16 inch doll though so will keep it for the next doll.
I also knitted a little chick hatching out of a knitted egg which my daughter is loving playing with. I have knitted many novelties for her - bees, ladybirds, birds and mostly some Christmas things (will post some pictures some time). Here is the little chick

My other knitting is some flower children but I still need to do some bits with felt before I can post a picture of them.

Anyway today has been another beautiful sunny warm day. Imogen has had a lovely morning at Tumblebugs and a quick trip to the library before wandering around the local market on our way home for lunch. So I think that's enough to post about today but I am hoping to try and post more regularly from now on ....

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