Monday, 30 March 2009

Season Corner

Okay, a quick post just to display our cleaned up nature table

and our new Season Corner.

I have been wanting to set up a proper Season corner for a while so pleased to have finally got it done. Quite pleased with how it looks with some seasonal books and flowers. I have added some of the bits I have knitted for Imogen too, although she wants some of them to play with still so they may not stay there.

I have finally got around to finishing the flower girl. I have done a Daffodil Child so far for Spring, but have others in the planning stages for other Seasons. She is knitted and stuffed with sheep's wool and has flowers on her hat and is holding a handmade felt daffodil. I'm really pleased with her.

And finally just a picture of Imogen's calender helping her understand the changing seasons too. She loves writing the days on it and ticking the boxes for what the weather is like for the day.

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  1. I love this poster, have just bought a couple for upcoming birthday's and one for our little one, thanks for the inspirational blog (I look for the gardening but love all the other stuff too).


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