Saturday, 28 March 2009

Herb Spiral is now finished, awaiting planting

The return journey to re-do the herb spiral. Mostly photo's as it's described enough in the previous post. We are happier with it now it has more height. I have marked out the N, S, E and W directions too. We will let it settle before planting, so looking forward to that next stage.

The other major work at the allotment this weekend was Alex and my Dad digging out another unwanted tree to create more bedding space and the area for our pond. We had a lovely pond liner (rigid type) on the plot when we got it so we just have to use it. We are going to place it at ground level and raise the soil around it so there are banks up to the pond. We are also going to incorporate a boggy area for some plants that like those conditions. Now to look into what edible plants we can grow in the pond. We already have a frog resident on our plot housed under some old carpet and pipes so he will be happy soon and then he can munch on the slugs for us.

Here's our frog, not long now Mr frog and you will have a pond.

And here's a picture of one of the slow worms we have on the allotment.

And just to finish off, here is our Pear tree in bud and it's looking fantastic.

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