Sunday, 22 March 2009

Lovely Mothers Day

Today I received a lovely Mothers Day card from my daughter - homemade with her Daddy. It's beautiful and will be treasured, she has written all the words herself with a little guidance. She just loves writing at the moment.

After breakfast I gave her a gift - the waldorf doll I had made recently. She loved it and asked if she could come out with us for the day. I was very pleased as she hasn't shown much interest in dolls, but this one seemed to have more impact, maybe because Mommy made it or because it is so cuddly and soft (as Imogen put it).

Once we were all ready we were off in the car to Weald Down Open Air Museum.
It was a lovely sunny day so great to go somewhere outdoors and see so many great things. We saw many crafts that we were being performed, including Stonemasons carving, Ironmongers making nails and a man using a Pole Lathe.

We saw lots of animals including the working Shire Horses, many sheep with their baby lambs, noisy geese, cattle and lots of chickens We stopped in many of the historic buildings to see what they had on display, some date back to the 13th Century. We saw the 17th Century Water Wheel grinding wheat to produce stone ground flour they sell (we bought a bag a grain to feed the ducks later). We saw a lady demonstrating what toiletries people made years ago with plants from their garden - shampoo, soap, etc which was interesting.

We stopped for a picnic lunch with 3 lovely looking free range chickens wandering around, in between being chased by a couple of little boys. Imogen wanted them to come and eat the crumbs she dropped for them, but they weren't to eat Mommy's bag!

In another barn they had some lovely country crafts on display including a lady spinning yarn using a drop spindle, something I'd love to do sometime - we have lots of raw organic sheep's fleece wool at home. We saw wood carvers, spinners, leather crafts, rope knitting, corn and wheat crafts and lacemaking.

Weald Down is a lovely place to visit and we had a great day out. They were giving Mothers a bunch of Daffodils so Imogen collected some to give to me, which was nice and they went on the Season Corner when we got home. Our final thing to do was to feed the grain to the ducks, and the large fish in the pond were gobbling it up too. We had great fun throwing the grain in.

We set off home, being serenaded by Imogen singing nursery rhymes and chatting about all the things we had seen and done. Great memories.

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