Monday, 18 May 2009

Day Trip to Marwell Zoo (catch up on the blog)

We decided this week (11th) while Alex was off work to visit Marwell Zoo, and what a great day out it was. We were all shattered that evening as it's a big site with plenty of walking to do and over 250 different species to see.

Marwell Zoo is set in 140 acres beautifully landscaped grounds in Hampshire. It is quite an expensive day out but well worth it. I have been to other zoos in the past and often felt let down by the way the enclosures are laid out that you don't get to see the animals very well. Marwell, however, does this very well. We saw all the animals - even the elusive Red Panda (well some of it sleeping up in the tree!). The whole park is just a delight, you are able to see the animals really well and up close, there is lots of information about them and their natural habitats and conservation information too. The park also has lots of areas to picnic and cafes, an education centre and adventure playgrounds for the children, including this big slide that Imogen describes as being like a big elephants trunk, we all had a go at this one (climbing up inside the pyramid bit wasn't easy for the adults though!). But hey it was great fun!

The big slide

Mommy and Imogen down the slideImogen and Daddy down the big slide

Here are some pictures of our day at the Zoo ...


Imogen shows her excitement at seeing all the animals at the Zoo

Imogen spots the giraffe house beyond the antelope

Am I as tall as a Giraffe?

First meeting with the Giraffe, as Imogen said "the giraffe is looking at me"

With Bongo the Giraffe

Diana Monkey behind Imogen

Imogen in the Wallaby enclosure

Daddy and Imogen meet the Kookaburra





Lemur House

Red Ruffed Lemur

Imogen compares the size of her hand against other primates




Pygmy Hippopotamus

Imogen by Rhinocerus and Kudo


A well earned rest on the bench under the Wisteria that smelt just beautiful.
Smelling the Wisteria


Dragon Lizard



Imogen's pictures on return to home - a Penguin and a Giraffe.
She loves drawing animals and we were well impressed with this penguin. The picture had to be taken quickly though as it was soon coloured in!

A great day out that is still being talked about a week later, and we want to return later in the year to take Nanny and Grandad, and share all the knowledge we have learnt from this visit. Yesterday we picked up a great little book from the charity shop for 50p which is great as we recognise lots of the animals we saw at the Zoo, the book is "The Usborne Living World Encyclopedia" and has really good information on the animals natural surroundings and the environment.

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  1. what lovely photos and a great day out, the kookaburra looks fun, reu loves them and giraffes !!


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