Friday, 1 May 2009

Library and Dandelions

May Day.
Just a short post for now but will update this one on progress. Today has been a trip to the library day enjoying many books and singing 5 little ducks with another little girl there (Imogen that is, not me).

We picked up a lovely children's book of garden birds as she is interested in identifying their names. We shall have to look at the RSPB website and listen to the birdsong as she has asked a few times what birds are singing and I'm not 100% sure if I cannot see the bird that is singing. Another book we picked up was on wildflowers (although I do have a few books on them, this was a junior book), and a couple of reading books including another Charlie and Lola one, she really likes Charlie and Lola.

On the way home we saw many patches of dandelions from and after reading recently about dandelion syrup, I decided to start picking them. They are from an unused patch of ground away from roads and shall be washed before using. So we bagged lots of dandelion heads.

I have cut all the petals away, washed them and they are now soaking in water overnight after having been brought to the boil. Tomorrow I shall strain it, pressing out all the flavour from the petals, bring to the boil (to ensure it is sterile) and add sugar and lemon to make the syrup. Watch this space to see how it comes out.

Imogen did he best to spread the seeds for more Dandelion plants to grow.

I wanted to try something different with them, so was looking on the internet recently and came across a syrup recipe (will link it later when I have more time). The leaves are great in Salads but I thought there must be a use for the flowers. Alex wants to try roasting the roots later in the year, we have tried bought Dandelion Coffee ground but thought it would be fun to try our own ...

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  1. Making use of dandelions is a very interesting idea. We get loads on our lawn when we leave it too long between mowings, (not an uncommon occurence unfortunately) so giving this syrup a go would at least give me an excuse for not mowing the lawn.

    If you are ever in doubt with regard the name of a bird in your garden just go with 'Pteredactyl'. Thats what Garden Girl my two year old calls all the birds in our garden and it certainly makes bird watching fun; we have to keep running to hide!


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