Wednesday, 20 May 2009

My new hobby!

Okay, so if you've seen my earlier post on the May Fair, you will have noticed I bought a Spinning Wheel. Oooops! Well, I had been interested in getting one sometime in the future, although was going to have a go at a drop spindle first but ... it was there and just calling me. It was actually Alex that kinda made the final decision to say we'll buy it, so here it is at my house.

(just noticed, I take a few photos by this bookcase, but that's where it is at present!)

So now I just need to learn to use it. It's funny because the week before I found that the library had a couple of books on spinning and placed a reservation for them to come to my local library for pick up. This was just for me to start having a look at the subject of spinning and start having a go on a drop spindle that I was going to make myself - probably still will as that's more portable. So call it fate, or whatever you may believe, but I am now the proud owner of an Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel.

My first attempts are improving, getting the rhythm, the fleece prepared, etc. I think I would benefit from a bit of tuition so am looking into what is available locally and through the local Spinners Guild. This weekend we are at a working farm who have a Woolly Weekend event with sheep shearing, and traditional wool crafts so there may be some tips I can pick up there and even contacts. We've already discussed getting fleece from them, which is closer to get (only 3 miles) than the ones we previously got from Dorset.

Watch this space to see my progress with my early birthday present.


  1. Oh good luck with this - what a great new hobby. xx


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