Monday, 26 October 2009

.. and back again ...

Feeling better finally, after a month of feeling really low from seasonal colds (we assume), and thus a lack of energy.

Anyway, my energy feels like it has returned and this afternoon, Imogen and I have been sowing seeds to keep a continuous supply of lovely greens through the Winter months and into early Spring. We are still picking Chard, Spinach, Kale and Cavalo Nero planted in the Summer months, so these were to replenish those stocks when they stop producing - although that doesn't look like it will be for a while with the mild weather we are having.
Today, we have sown seeds for:
Spinach - Giant Winter
Cabbage - Wintergreen
Cavalo Nero
Winter Lettuce (can't remember which variety right now)
Good King Henry
Wild Rocket
Green Mustard - Green in Snow
Winter Radish (large type for casseroles, etc)
Turnip Greens

Imogen also wrote many of the labels with me spelling out the names for her.
I think that was all for today.

Last week Alex planted out more Garlic and some Broad Beans as they did well last year from an Autumn planting (even despite me planting them twice as deep as I should have - oops).

So Imogen had a great time planting and learning again about what seeds need to grow. We also planted some acorns, sweet chestnuts and horse chestnuts - well the world needs a few more trees, just not in our garden so there may be a bit of Guerrilla gardening going on if these shoot and grow, of course we will nurture them for a while first.

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