Monday, 12 October 2009

Pumpkins and baking

Pumpkins, pumpkins on the vine
Growing big - taking their time.

First a seed, then a sprout.
Then, a vine that spreads way out.

Next, two flowers on the vine.
Then, two pumpkins in a line.

Two green pumpkins on the ground
At last turn orange, big and round.

Now it's time to harvest them.
I pick them up and cut their stems.

Two big pumpkins just for me.
What will I do? Wait and see!

One I'll make into a pie
Then eat with whipped cream, that's no lie!

The other one, I'll scoop it out.
Then, turn it slowly all about

And when I find the perfect place
I'll carve out holes to make a face.

Pumpkins, pumpkins on the vine.
Are worth the wait, every time.

A Halloween Story by Jean Warren

So for tea, it's time to bake one of the Blue Kuri Squash grown on the allotment that have been curing in the porch, here

Following a recipe from River Cottage, courtesy of Hugh Fearnely Whittingstall - Whole Pumpkin Baked with Cream. First slice the top off (keep to one side), then scoop out the seeds (saved to grow more next year)

look at that colour - so vibrant

Fill about a third of the cavity with grated Gruyere cheese, pour in double cream to two-thirds full. Add a few gratings of nutmeg, a knob of butter, some ground sea salt and lots of ground pepper. Replace lid and bake until flesh is lovely and soft. The pumpkin may collapse so use a deep dish (although I've never had this happen to us). Bake at 190C for 45 mins to 1¼ hours depending on size of pumpkin.

Very rich and just perfect for an Autumn day, lovely and warming, I served it with some fresh tagliatelle pasta. The Blue Kuri is one of my favourite squash, it's taste is heavenly and it can be used in many ways. Feeling Autumnal goodness. There was pumpkin leftover too which went in a lasagne for another night's meal, that appeals to my frugal side.


  1. that looks delicious, got a squash box coming from riverford, will have to try that recipe x

  2. I've made Hugh's recipe - it is sooooo delicious. I have managed to grow 2 dcent sized pumpkins in the greenhouse, but I am hesitating over cutting them just in case they grow a bit more :)


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